You, Me, Empathy: Sharing Our Mental Health Stories

The You, Me, Empathy logo, designed by Grant Snider of

The You, Me, Empathy logo, designed by Grant Snider of

Why I Created You, Me, Empathy

The doctor told me my heart would stop if I continued to starve my body. You see, I am in recovery from Anorexia. But I starved my body of food—and of emotions. Early in life, I created what I called my “Heart Guard,” a protective safety net, a survival tool, a comfort to my sensitive self.

But that survival mechanism became a mechanism of destruction. I realized that my Heart Guard was keeping me from looking inward and truly feeling my feelings.

That’s why You, Me, Empathy exists. I created You, Me, Empathy to be a safe space for people to feel their feelings, to look inward and discover why we feel, to jump heart-first into vulnerability and empathy and self-compassion in order to break down the cultural and societal stigma surrounding mental health.

You, Me, Empathy exists because my heart needed it. And I believe your heart needs it too.

After all, we are all—each of us—feely humans.

What is You, Me, Empathy?

Created by Non Wels, You, Me, Empathy is a podcast about exploring the struggles we face in our day to day lives as feely humans trying to get by on this overwhelming and magnificent pale blue dot. It is a place for vulnerability and kindness and a safe space for sharing our stories about mental health. Let's embrace empathy together.

P.S. I am just a silly boy. I am not a professional. Read the You, Me, Empathy disclaimer for further proof.

Oh hi. I’m an introvert.

Oh hi. I’m an introvert.


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