You, Me, Empathy - Episode 95: Surviving In Grief with Rachel Reichblum

Rachel Reichblum talks about losing both of her parents to terminal brain cancer on episode 95 of You, Me, Empathy.

On Episode 95 of You, Me, Empathy, Rachel Reichblum and I explore the cultural misdiagnosis of crying, surviving instead of thriving in grief, Rachel losing both parents to terminal brain cancer, and the reality that we don’t have to hold our grief alone.

Growing up, Rachel moved around a lot, and was an emotionally attuned deep feeler (still is!). We explore her childhood, what it’s like to feel others feelings, and how we culturally can often associate crying with sadness, instead of joy or a build up of beauty.

Rachel then opens up about the death of both of her parents to terminal brain cancer. We talk about the aftermath of that trauma, Rachel’s attempts to make sense of it, how she processed her grief while being the primary caretaker of the family, going to therapy even when you don’t need it, the self-care she tried to employ during that time, and grief tips and misconceptions.

We finally explore the amazing grief and loss community, and how helpful they were to Rachel, such as Modern Loss and The Dinner Party—which led to Rachel creating her own community around grief called That Good Grief.

Thanks to Rachel for sharing her story!

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