You, Me, Empathy - Episode 81: Stillness, Mindset, and Showing Up As Ourselves with Aurora Myers

On Episode 81 of You, Me, Empathy, Aurora Myers and I explore the beauty of stillness, sitting in our discomfort, mindset shifts, accepting impermanence, and showing up as ourselves.

Aurora starts by sharing the first time she truly opened up in public about her mental health. It was during a yoga class she was teaching, and it was a turning point in her views on stigma, self awareness, and vulnerability. That day, she went home and shared her feelings and struggles on Instagram—which was met with, not scorn, but beautiful validation and love.

We also talk about what showing up as ourselves looks like, not being enough, the trick to being comfortable on stage, dealing with social anxiety, not trying to be someone else, dealing with a loss of a parent, blaming others for our hurt, realizing how much of an impact our vulnerability can have on others, internalized stigma, and so much more!

Aurora is a mindset and meditation teacher at Nike! Yes, that little startup you may have not heard of. So, we also talk a lot about mindset and meditation, including sitting in our pain, the loveliness of stillness, and taking notice of ourselves. Aurora also shares some meditation tips and demystifies a few meditation myths! Plus, a 10-day silent meditation retreat!

Thanks to Aurora for sharing her story!

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