You, Me, Empathy T-Shirts, Mugs, Notebooks, and Tote Bags - Shop is OPEN

I Launched a You, Me, Empathy Shop!

For all your You, Me, Empathy shopping needs. To spread the idea that empathy matters. Mental health matters. And my hope is that, like the podcast, these little podcast merch items will serve to inspire and foster communication around mental illness with the intended goal of ending the stigma. You, dear feely human, deserve that. So, please, if you can, support You, Me, Empathy by buying something below! Thanks!



Now you too can wear your heart on your sleeve (or chest in the case of my You, Me, Empathy t-shirts available for me, women, and grubby kiddos) while you spread kindness, watch the clouds in the sky become triceratops, or do yoga in the stark nude!

Tote Bags


Now you too can carry your altogether too-massive psychology books to class or load up on at minimum seventeen boxes of Trader Joe's cardamon sea salt lavender free range organic post-imperialist dark chocolate with the sturdy and stylish You, Me, Empathy tote bag! 


Now you too can embrace your self-care so hard by sipping your favorite morning coffee or spritely loose leaf chamomile from your now favorite You, Me, Empathy mug! Dishwasher safe! Microwave safe! Dog safe! 



Now you too can workshop your centaur-themed poetry or make those doodles of the kittens whose elongated whiskers do double-duty as both kitty jumpropes and lock picks in your brand new You, Me, Empathy notebook (hardcover or spiral)!

Thank you. I love you. And hey, I get it. If things are a little tight on the financial front, no fret. There are other ways to support the show, which you can check out here