You, Me, Empathy - Episode 88: Sensitivity As a Strength with Natalie Meagan

Trigger Warning: Self-harm and suicidal ideation are mentioned in this episode.

On episode 88 of You, Me, Empathy, Natalie Meagan of the Crybaby Club talks about sensitivity as a strength.

On Episode 88 of You, Me, Empathy, Natalie Meagan and I explore being curious about our emotions, nightmares as a sign of trauma, parenting with mental health struggles, and sensitivity as a strength.

Natalie and I kick off the show talking about the chicken and egg of our emotional states, and how much depression and anxiety and other mental health struggles can zap our energy and impact our physical health. We talk about Natalie’s Tennessee roots, being raised my her mom, and her experience in an inpatient program at a behavioral hospital.

We explore the self-harm that led to Natalie’s inpatient hospital stay, being our true selves, and how powerful creating things can be for our mental wellness. We also gab about parenting with mental health struggles, and raising emotionally intelligent kids.

Finally, we talk about the origin story of the amazing Crybaby Club, created by Natalie, and why sensitivity is a true strength. Like Natalie, I feel ALL THE THINGS. Couple of Highly Sensitive People aka feely humans :D

Thanks to Natalie for sharing her story!

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