You, Me, Empathy - Episode 67: Making a Record of Our Mental Health Through Art with Holly Chisholm

On Episode 67 of You, Me, Empathy, Holly Chisholm of Just Peachy comics and I explore the bonkers and overwhelming balance act of co-morbid diagnoses, why we strive for normalcy and perfection, what it feels like to have a panic attack, and making a record of our mental health through introspective and feely art.

First, Holly delights me in saying that her last name, Chisholm, is Scottish and translates to “field of cheese.” FIELD OF CHEESE, you feely humans! Hmmm, cheese, Gromit.

Okay, moving on. Holly and I talk about not feeling good enough, or feeling like a “bad” person, and how that makes life pretty difficult sometimes. We explore Holly’s recent ADHD diagnosis, and along with her depression and anxiety, how those interact with each other, and feed off of each other in a vicious cycle.

Holly also talks about growing up as angry kid and trying to prove herself to the many boys she grew up around. Later, she recognized a lot of anger in her father. Raised as Southern Baptist in Texas, Holly held onto a lot of the shame that came with her religious background (born evil, flawed human beings, born in sin, etc.).

We also talk about why we strive for what we call “normal” and “perfect” and how there’s really no such thing even if that means we are defined, in part, by our struggle. Because, you know what?

There is no perfect. There is no normal. We are enough.


Finally, we talk about Just Peachy, the comic series that Holly created because her therapist recommended she start journaling through her mental health struggles. Not a journal-type feely human, Holly started creating comics and it became this beautiful catharsis, allowing her to get out of her own head and see her depression and anxiety and ADHD from a different perspective. She’s making a record of her mental health, and it’s a lovely thing to be witness to.

Plus, her comic journey has led to the publication of her brand-new book which is out tomorrow and available for pre-order:

Buy Just Peachy!

Oh, and one more thing: I’m giving away 1 copy of Holly’s brand-new book! Look out for that announcement on Instagram!

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