You, Me, Empathy - Episode 69: The Feelings of Powerlessness with Tony the Therapist

On Episode 69 of You, Me, Empathy, Tony the Therapist and I explore the feelings of powerlessness, how we as feely humans sometimes minimize the severity of the abuse or trauma we’re experiencing, and how we can restore hope again through therapy, recognizing our sense of value, and healing shame.

As a follow-up to Brynn Woodley’s episode on her experience with domestic violence (which you should absolutely go listen to!), we talk about the dynamic of abusive relationships, including forced dependency, controlling someone else and limiting their power (or taking it away completely), and stripping us of the thing all feely humans need: safety.

We also explore how we have this self-defeating tendency to minimize the pain of what we’re experiencing, saying things like, “I don’t think it’s that bad.”

Finally, we wrap up the show on a hopeful note talking about how we can develop a strong sense of self, valuing our life for what it is, and finding hope again after trauma and abusive relationships. Plus, we talk about identity and the empowerment of having the language for what we are, and how that can lead to treatment, healing, and recovery.

Scroll down for links, especially some great books mentioned in this episode! Thanks for listening, and thanks for empathizing with us!

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