You, Me, Empathy - Episode 63: Mental Health in the Tech Industry with Gem Hill

On Episode 63 of You, Me, Empathy, Gem Hill and I explore the feeling that we’re not good enough, growing up too fast, how it takes one person at a time to make a difference, and bringing mental health conversations into the technology fields of business.


Gem shares her experience in being diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, how she disassociated with her anxiety, and how she found therapy to be not only a lifesaver but something we need to work at. She also shares the loveliness that are supportive partners, whether they are friends, romantic partners, family members—just people in our lives who truly know how we’re doing, know what we’re struggling with, and who can listen.

We also talk about the stress of not knowing what’s going on in our heads, and why, when we do find some answers (through therapy or psychiatry or medication or whatever), it’s so relieving and cathartic. Gem also opens up about having to take on the role as caretaker growing up with her younger siblings, which led to some unhealthy relationships, and ultimately an exercise in boundary-creating. And Gem shares her experience with Impostor Syndrome—the feeling that she’s just not “good enough” and how we as humans can fret about with this “if I do this thing, then I deserve love” non-sensical logic.

Hey, feely human. Here’s the truth: You do deserve love. All of the love. Every stinking bit.

Finally, we explore mental health in the tech field! Gem is a software tester, and she’s done such a beautiful and admirable job bringing her vulnerability and own mental health conversation into work with her in hopes to make a difference in the lives of the mostly male-dominated tech space. She’s helped organize mental health talks and days at her work, which gives these men, who may not be comfortable yet talking about their feelings, perhaps a little wiggle room to go there emotionally. Suicide is a big killer of men in the United Kingdom, and Gem is doing whatever she can so “we don’t lose any of them.” So beautiful. Go, Gem!

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