You, Me, Empathy - Episode 79: Learning How To Be In Our Bodies with Liv Pennelle

Trigger Warning: Bulimia, disordered eating and addiction are mentioned in this episode.

On Episode 79 of You, Me, Empathy, Liv Pennelle and I explore recovery from the things that bring us pain, food for healing, developing our sense of worth, and learning how to be in our bodies.


Liv shares her early childhood experience growing up with an abusive father who had an alcohol use disorder and an emotionally unavailable single mom. She talks about the feeling of being dismissed growing up, and the Complex PTSD she encountered when she left America. We also explore Liv’s relationship to food, binge eating, Bulimia, depression, fear of abandonment, chronic fatigue and pain, and her struggles with alcohol and drug use.

Finally, we talk about what recovery means, trying to understand the pain in our bodies, defining worth around weight, using food for healing, developing our sense of worth, body positivity, body image, learning how to be in our bodies, recovery through writing, and Liv’s commitment to being true to her self.

Thanks to Liv for sharing her story!

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