You, Me, Empathy - Episode 93: Why Goodness Matters with Branden Harvey

On Episode 93 of You, Me, Empathy, Branden Harvey and I explore the importance of mentors, celebrating the stories of others, finding hope over cynicism, and why goodness matters.

Branden Harvey of Sounds Good podcast and Goodnewspaper standing atop newspapers and smiling

Kicking off the show, Branden talks about being a class clown in elementary school, and the timeless lesson he learned in the constructive feedback from his teacher. We talk about Branden’s loving childhood and the mentor who gave him the opportunity to fall in love with photography and use his photography to make a difference: highlighting the unique life experiences of others, finding such awe-inspiring hope in humans who’ve suffered such real injustice and pain, making us all feel less alone.

We then gab about storytelling, curiosity, celebrating our differences, and showing up for people in curiosity and empathy. Finally we talk about Branden’s current work with GoodGoodGood, the Goodnewspaper, and Sounds Good, what goodness is, the origins of his company, where it’s going next, and of course Fred Rogers.

Thanks to Branden for sharing his story!

Learn more about Branden:

Branden Harvey is a storyteller focused on the good in the world. He's the host of the podcast Sounds Good, the creator of the Goodnewspaper, a printed newspaper full of good news, and built an online community over more than 250,000 world changers. He's helped brands like Disney, Square, Southwest Airlines, and (RED) tell meaningful stories with heart all over the world. He's been written about and featured by media including The Washington Post, Seventeen Magazine, Fortune Magazine, and Mashable.

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