You, Me, Empathy - Episode 54: Foster Care and Lessons Learned in Suffering with Daniel Griffith

Trigger Warning: Childhood abuse and suicidal ideation are mentioned in this episode.

On Episode 54 of You, Me, Empathy, Daniel Griffith shares his experience growing up in the foster care system, the lessons he’s learned in suffering, and the human connections that have saved his life.

Daniel was born to immigrant parents, both of whom were heroin and meth addicts. When he was just a baby, he was put into the foster care system, and that’s where he lived for his early childhood and adolescence. In his experience within foster care, Daniel was faced with abuse by other foster kids and he developed a violent reaction to his environment—which is so human and understandable considering the weight of it all.


Daniel and I talk about how that experience has shaped him, how he positioned himself as caretaker and protector of his foster mom, the resilience he has created through his suffering, and the life philosophy that has been his guiding star ever since: that it is in the human connections we make that matter most; that it is in our selflessness where we grow and grow each other; that it is not in the I, but in the we. We also talk about Daniel’s work toward creating a non-profit to bring safe spaces and therapy and opportunity for the type of emotional connects that saved him to other kids.

And through all of this, your favorite resident therapist Tony sits in!

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