You, Me, Empathy - Episode 66: Feeling Trapped and the Anxiety of New Experiences with Matt St. Clair

On Episode 66 of You, Me, Empathy, Matt St. Clair and I explore the wonderland of anxiety that comes with new experiences, comparing ourselves to others, finding the willpower to seek treatment for mental health, and the emotional state of feeling trapped.


Before we jump into the show notes, I want to be clear about one thing up front: I felt like I was being pushy and projecting in my conversation with Matt. I said as much to Matt, and he didn’t feel that way. Matt is a sweet, soft-spoken guy, and I think I’m used to more talkative and open guests on You, Me, Empathy. But that’s not fair of me to put that on Matt, as Matt was being himself, and his journey of healing is his own and not mine. Matt, if you’re reading this (and you’ll hear it in the intro for the episode too!), thanks for sharing your heart with me. I appreciate you, feely human.

As for the episode, Matt and I talked about the anxiety of new experiences, and Matt’s desire to make a leap to move into a big city away from his suburban home where he’s felt trapped. We explore the idea that we humans feel like we should have answers—but the truth is that we can’t know everything, and we can’t allow society or culture to tell us otherwise.

I repeat: There are no shoulds.

Except, ahem, you should love dogs. :D

Matt was a child of divorce, and early on he felt resentment toward friends and people in his life who had parents who were together—seemingly nuclear and happy and “ideal.” That’s such a natural feeling, and one I would guess many of you can relate to!

We also talk about the danger and trap of comparing ourselves to others. We see what we want to see in others, and we project truths onto strangers that are unfair to them, and anxiety-inducing and self-esteem ruining for us.

Finally, we talk about Matt’s depression in high school, the feelings of being unfulfilled and lacking in willpower to seek treatment for depression, hiding emotions from others (“a place where no one can see me”), and feel trapped where you are—emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually.

Have you ever felt trapped before? I’d love to hear your experience, and how you got out of that trapped feeling in the comments below!

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