You, Me, Empathy - Episode 87: Doula Life, Gratitude, and Postpartum Care with Becky Leonard

On Episode 87 of You, Me, Empathy, Becky Leonard and I explore the joy of gratitude, the pressures for women to be superheroes, supporting partners who have mental illness, doing the things we’re “supposed to,” and life as a doula.

Becky Leonard shows up on episode 87 of You, Me, Empathy to talk about doula life, gratitude, and postpartum care.

Becky shares her experience working as a doula for women and babies in prenatal and postpartum arenas, including lactation consulting and prenatal parenting and support for moms. We explore the pressures for women to be these super-heroic, ideal versions of the perfect human, and how dangerous and unfair that is.

We also gab about what life is all about: connecting with other feely humans, helping people, embracing love and kindness and meeting people where they are, wherever they are! Becky opens up about how, in her early career, she felt like she “did the things you’re supposed to do,” but maybe didn’t feel in alignment with those things. We talk about how that perspective is shaping her life today too.

Finally, we explore the joys of gratitude, Becky shares some great gratitude tips, how she navigates being married to a partner who has mental health struggles, the myth that you have to have a difficult child to be an “interesting person,” showing up for people with light in your heart, how Marie Kondo-ing almost made Becky throw up, and facilitating the dreams of others.

Thanks to Becky for sharing her story!

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