You, Me, Empathy - Episode 76: Love, Hypnotherapy, and Dating with Nikki Novo

On Episode 76 of You, Me, Empathy, Nikki Novo and I explore hypnotherapy, following our hero’s journey, and better self-care, self-love, and overall mental health in love, dating, sex, and relationships!

Nikki is the best-selling author of The Final Swipe (this is an affiliate link, so if you purchase I get a few cents :D), a certified hypnotherapist, and a dating expert! She helps feely humans heal their hearts again. It’s a beautiful thing. On the show, we talk about Nikki’s life before she found her healing practices, from the traditional Cuban home she was raised in to the job working public relations in the film industry to the dating highs and lows before she found her now husband.

We also talk about finding compassion for yourself, achieving our goals while honoring our feelings, what people want vs. what you want, how hypnotherapy, reiki, and Theta healing works, and figuring out who we are in our core (hint: we are not our anxiety!).

Finally, we explore dating, which is something I honestly have no practice in, so it was fun to gab with Nikki about self-love through dating, the anxiety many of us have around dating, figuring out our needs, learning the difference between love and lust, and the myth of soul mates!

Lots of gems in this one. Thanks to Nikki Novo for sharing her story!

Scroll down for links! Share your thoughts in the comments below! Thanks for listening, and thanks for empathizing with us!

P.S. There was a bit of fuzziness on my side of the audio; hopefully it’s not too distracting! Sorry about that.