You, Me, Empathy - Episode 39: How People Change Their Hearts and Minds with Stephanie Lepp

On Episode 39 of You, Me, Empathy, it’s a special podcast mash-up with Reckonings podcaster Stephanie Lepp. We explore how we reckon with our mental health, and answer the question: how do people actually change their hearts and minds?

In this special episode, we first get into Stephanie Lepp’s mental health journey, and then transition into the work Stephanie is doing with her podcast, Reckonings. We listen and comment on the following stories directly from Reckonings:

  1. The defection of a Roger Ailes warrior (from Reckonings #18).

  2. Two teens overcome bullying (from Reckonings #16).

  3. White supremacist and jihadist extremist who both managed to transcend a life of hate (from Reckonings #19).


In these stories, we react and comment on being positive mentors for people (“majestic elephants”), learning to live with the light and the dark, how we humans discover and face change, and how change in the world happens inside of people first; and how that connects to broader social change in our culture.

We also touch on celebrating our capacity for change and learning and growing, self-actualization through how we deal with mental health, and the time Stephanie, for her 28th birthday, created an intervention for herself. Plus why we need to always be asking questions and look inward, remind ourselves that we never know what people are going through, and why we think animal noises or playing patty-cake should take the place of small talk!

For links we mentioned during this episode, scroll down.

Thanks for listening, and thanks for empathizing with us!