You, Me, Empathy - Episode 73: Being Okay with Not Being Okay with Dave Giannini

On Episode 73 of You, Me, Empathy, Dave Giannini and I explore being okay with not being okay, the importance of curiosity in our mental health, Dave’s beautiful path toward becoming (soon!) a therapist, and the magic of checking in with the people you love.

Dave talks about how he’s in a transitional place in his life after some ups and downs on the road to becoming a therapist and a couple of endings to relationships, and figuring out who he is on his own without a romantic partner—and even being accepting of things that are incomplete and connecting more to his sorrow.

We explore the key to any profession, especially those in helping professions (therapists, for example): curiosity! We talk about maintaining our mental health within family relationships, invalidation, and what we can control in our relationships. Dave recently has discovered how simple friendship can be, including the power of saying “how are you” and truly meaning it.

Dave also opens up about what it means to him to be a therapist, and the strange pull to be okay and helpful always, yet never making space for him to struggle too. Therapists are expected to “fix” lifelong struggles in their patients, but therapists are feely humans too with their own struggles like each of us. We also talk about the cost-prohibitiveness of therapy, how therapists and the medical community can better bridge the gap, allowing more access to therapy for all regardless of socioeconomic background.

And lastly, Dave of course calls me out on never having watched It’s a Wonderful Life—a movie many have said that I need to so! Will 2019 be the year?! Who knows. :D Thanks to Dave for sharing his story on You, Me, Empathy!

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