You, Me, Empathy - Episode 77: Fixers, Loving Ourselves, and Being More Of Us with Angela Rosenthal

On Episode 77 of You, Me, Empathy, Angela Rosenthal and I explore the burdens of being a fixer, how we love ourselves better, getting in touch with our sexuality, and being more of us in the world.

Angela shares how she’s been dealing with a lot of changes recently, including moving and filing divorce papers. We talk a lot about the beauties of validating our own feelings, having our own backs, knowing our capacities in each moment, supporting other feely humans, and knowing how and why we need to heal ourselves.

Growing up as an oldest kid of five, Angela took on the responsibility of “fixing” things for her siblings and her mom. She’s a helper, like me, and took on a lot of the emotion of her family. After a while, she connected her ability to do that helping and fixing to her worthiness, and feelings of being loved. So when she couldn’t help or fix an issue, she felt unloved and unworthy—a situation I’ve been in and I’d imagine many of you can relate to as well.

We explore what that meant to her, and how that has impacted her identity and healing journey in terms of her own self actualization and in her relationships and sexuality. We talk about the act of owning our sexuality, dealing with repressed sexual trauma, attaching shame to sexuality, and connecting to our inner child.

We also explore being insatiably curious, falling into and letting go within "the rabbit hole,” part of which is surrendering, self-accepting, and learning that there is no perfect. And how Angela is taking her experiences into her healing work: reiki, facials, yoni steams, energy healing, and more!

Finally, I want to leave you with two questions to ponder; two questions voiced by Angela during our conversation that I think were just so profound and thought-provoking. They are:

  1. How do you be you in the world?

  2. What if we can love ourselves better instead of shaming ourselves into submission?

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