You, Me, Empathy - Episode 92: Rejection, Fear, and Being Good Enough with Brittany Walsh

On Episode 92 of You, Me, Empathy, Brittany Walsh and I explore long-distance friendship, Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria, the “not good enough” myth, fear of death, and why recognizing the uniqueness in each of us is a building block for empathy.


We kick off the show talking about Brittany’s long-distance friendship with Deanna—their closeness, how they can talk about mental health, and how healing it all is. We then explore Brittany’s roots, including the anxiety, depression, and panic disorders that run in her family.

Brittany shares that she believes she has Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD), which, as Brittany describes it, is a “separation from reality, a severe overreaction to rejection.” She shares how, when she’s feeling especially rejection-sensitive, that being hurt would be the absolute worst case scenario, and she’d avoid it for survival. We talk about how that rejection sensitivity might have started in elementary school where Brittany was bullied.

We gab about trying therapy and medication for the first time, not feeling good enough or bad enough, the danger of comparing our struggle to others, the beautiful unique experiences of others (building blocks to empathy!), and why connection is the ultimate human pursuit. Oh, and of course we also talk about chaos (because chaos reigns!), and death. So much death.

Thanks to Brittany for sharing her story!

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