You, Me, Empathy - Episode 40: Autism, Neurodiversity, and Life at Full Volume with Kourtnie McKenzie

Trigger Warning: Suicidal ideation is mentioned in this episode of You, Me, Empathy.

On Episode 40 of You, Me, Empathy, Kourtnie McKenzie stops by to explore autism, neurodiversity, and living life at full volume as someone with Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Kourtnie beautifully shares her experience getting her autism diagnosis as an adult, how she copes and lives in a neurotypical society, how writing saved her life, and how autism affects gender differently.

Plus, we talk about the perception of “gifted” kids, self-stimulating behavior (“stimming”), why Kourtnie had to defend her identity after the diagnosis, micro-aggressions toward the autism community, the rituals that help Kourtnie manage her day to day (daily writing, baths, meditation, reading, aromatherapy, fidget spinners), misconceptions about autism, dealing with social anxiety and panic attacks, and what life is like living it at “full volume.”

Thanks to Kourtnie for sharing her story with You, Me, Empathy!

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Thanks for listening, and thanks for empathizing with us!