You, Me, Empathy - Episode 70: Running Into Adversity with Tofe Evans

On Episode 70 of You, Me, Empathy, Tofe Evans and I explore why we need to love and accept ourselves before we’re truly able to love and accept others, what we can do to be more connected to our fellow feely humans, and the beauty of human resilience and the lessons we learn through adversity.

Tofe Evans is an impressive guy. He’s an ultra-runner who has run races with 200+ miles. Bonkers. He loves the challenge—and he’s built his ethos to showcase what we can achieve through adversity.

On the podcast, we talk about how Tofe has has to remind himself that he can’t do everything, what he does when insecurity and fear arises in him, the exhausting and meaningless task of comparing ourselves to others, and the sometimes inauthenticity of social media. We also delve into mindset shifts (“its happening for me, not to me”), focusing on the present, anxiety that leads to fatalistic thoughts, gratitude practice, the insecurity of identity, vulnerability in dudes, and how Tofe has been applying the lessons he’s learned in adversity and resilience toward building a brand, business, and opportunities for self-discovery.

Thanks to Tofe for sharing his story!

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