You, Me, Empathy - Episode 82: Shame, Self-Worth, and Fear of Abandonment with Mel Duso

On Episode 82 of You, Me, Empathy, Mel Duso and I explore how we build our tribes, the shame we place on ourselves when we can’t help our loved ones, the battle of self-worth, and fear of abandonment.

We start off chatting about how we figure out why we’re depressed, and come to the realization that sometimes we actually don’t need an answer. Plus, how do you let a loved one know you’re struggling?

Mel also shares her childhood experiences growing up with a mom who has been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, and an angry, alcoholic father. Because of those circumstances, Mel was raised by her grandparents and multiple aunts, bouncing from one house to another until moving back in with her mother at the age of 16. We talk about the anger and resentment Mel felt during that period of her life, the struggles she had (and has) with shame, self-worth, and fear of abandonment, and feeling like she never had a home.

Finally, we talk about opening up about her feelings, finding compassion in herself for her parents, the lessons we learn through perseverance, embracing kindness, learning how to decipher the people in her life who fill her up and those who deplete her, the mental health advocacy Mel is doing, and, yes, coffee!

Thanks to Mel for sharing her story!

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