You, Me, Empathy - Episode 55: 1-Year Anniversary Celebration with Rukmini, Kory, and Laura


On Episode 55 of You, Me, Empathy, it’s Part 1 of the You, Me, Empathy 1-Year Anniversary celebration with Rukmini Poddar, Kory Stamper, and Laura Donaldson!

On this episode, we explore Rukmini’s beautiful project, the 100 Days of Enneagram, how we can better understand our suffering and the suffering of others, and be better empathizers through the Enneagram. We delve into Kory’s world since leaving Merriam-Webster, her author life, people-first language, new podcast Fiat Lex, and the remarkably nerdy book she’s writing on the language of color! And finally, I talk with the lovely Laura about her recent health scares (p.s. send puppy and kitty gifs to Laura), the physical pain associated with mental illness, and the coziest of jam jams.

Thanks for being a part of this You, Me, Empathy community! Let’s keep growing and leading with our empathetic hearts in 2019—year two of You, Me, Empathy!

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