Break Up Your Overwhelming Feelings with Profanity (Then Get Back to Doing Good)

Mass shootings. Floods. Vile creatures on golf courses.

I am saddened. I am dismayed. I am overwhelmed.

For those of us not directly impacted by these horrors, there are things we can do. We can feel all the feelings (that's valid), but we can also take that energy and use it for some good.

We can donate blood. We can call our local and state representatives to demand tighter (and sane) gun control laws. We can give money to the ACLU. We can remind ourselves that we have deep capacity for love and kindness and empathy. We can stand up to the hatred that consumes people who choose to unleash automatic weapons on innocent human lives.

We can even, to break up the sadness, shout to the heavens:

This moment of audio catharsis is brought to you by my friend and Merriam-Webster Dictionary editor, Kory Stamper. You can catch this clip and more in Episode 72 of the Joy Sandwich Podcast.

Note: Have a listen, have a laugh, take a breath, and then get back to doing the good we can do.