Joy Sandwich - Episode 072: Word By Word with Kory Stamper

On Episode 72 of the Joy Sandwich podcast, Jessica and I welcome back Kory Stamper to the show to discuss her new book, Word By Word!

Kory shares the story of her new book, Word By Word, how it came to be, what the writing process was like, and why words matter. Word By Word, to our delight, is a book about language, and it's also partially about Kory's story with words and how she came to be a lexicographer and editor at Merriam-Webster. 

We also discuss Merriam-Webster's stance against the spread of "alternative facts" on Twitter. Plus, fart goblins and secret words Kory's family uses!

Thank you to Kory for sharing her book with us! And thank you, dear listener, for tuning in. And as always, embrace your joy!