Joy Sandwich - Episode 013: Fun Staycation Ideas

On Episode 13 of Joy Sandwich, we stay true to the season and talk about fun STAYCATION ideas! If you don't know, a staycation is a vacation wherein you stay close to home! Sometimes we don't have the money to go places. Sometimes you have pets (two big dogs and two gargantuan horses like we do!) which makes it difficult to go places. The good news is that you don't need to go anywhere to have a fun vacation! On this episode of Joy Sandwich, we chat about the upcoming GISHWHES week, matinee movies, water fights, board game nights, museum trips, creative hours, surf days, and so many more amazing staycation ideas for families, friends, partners, lovers, nerds, and pets! We'd love to hear about your staycation experience, or if you have any fun staycation ideas.

And, as always, embrace your joy!