Joy for the Creators. Joy Sandwich is Now on Patreon!

Joy Sandwich, the little podcast my wife and I started over three years ago, is now on Patreon!

If you aren't familiar with Patreon, it's a platform for creators, like myself, to make a little money off their ongoing creations. I think it's also a wonderful way for creators to engage with their community on a wholehearted level, as well as challenge themselves creatively. 

For us at Joy Sandwich, it's an experiment to see if we can get a little support toward the cost of putting out a free podcast, podcasting hosting, podcasting equipment, things of that sort. I like that it also sort of keeps me on task. I want to always do right (and joyful) by the Joy Sandwich listeners and supporters. 

And, in return for your lovely support of the podcast on Patreon, you receive rewards such as:

  1. Shoutouts on social media and on the podcast!
  2. Joy Sandwich stickers!
  3. Be a guest on Joy Sandwich!
  4. You get to choose the Joy Sandwich topic!
  5. Joy Sandwich enamel pins!
  6. Joy Sandwich short stories written and told to your face!

Any of that seem joyful to you? Consider supporting Joy Sandwich on Patreon!

Thanks, all.