Joy Sandwich - Episode 080: Feminism with Bethanne Patrick

On Episode 80 of the Joy Sandwich podcast, we say hello to first-time guest, Bethanne Patrick, to discuss the joy of feminism

Bethanne is what she calls a “cradle feminist,” a feminist from the cradle! She’s a proud graduate of Smith College, has a Masters Degree in English, and works in the publishing and writing world as a journalist, book reviewer, and writer. She’s also the creator of the #FridayReads hashtag! You can find her on Twitter @TheBookMaven

In this episode of the podcast, we talk about why feminism matters, what it means to each of us, constructive ways to embrace feminism, how feminism is represented in the media and in politics, and some of our favorite and most joyful feminist heroes! 

Thanks to Bethanne for guesting, and to you, joy monger, for listening!

And as always, embrace your joy!