Joy Sandwich - Episode 061: Curiosity with Jeff Wagg

Oh, to be curious! On Episode 61 of the Joy Sandwich podcast, Jessica and I welcome Captain Curious himself, Jeff Wagg of the College of Curiosity, onto the show to discuss the Joy of Curiosity! Jeff is a truly fascinating human with gargantuan levels of knowledge about all the things. He’s a deeply curious person doing some pretty wonderful things in the world—spreading the joy of curiosity, creative learning, and exploration!

In addition to discussing the joy of curiosity, we talk about the witches of The Salem Witch Trials, why it’s important for us to ask questions, Jeff’s incredible background (one of the first AOL employees + being one of The Amazing Randi’s speed dial numbers!), skepticism, paranormal hunters, the dangers of curiosity, and the “pale blue dot!”

Thanks so much for listening, joy mongers!

And as always, embrace your joy!


Jeff is filled with joy finding characters on Pokemon Go adventures!

I find joy in recent trips to the beach for surfing with Josh (even after watching The Shallows)!

Jessica also found joy in spending a refreshing time at the beach!


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