Joy Sandwich - Episode 019: Childlike Wonder

On Episode 19 of Joy Sandwich, we bring you something new! Jessica and Non kick off the show discussing some of the recent books and movies they've consumed, along with some other joyful goings-on. The second half of the show, Jessica takes a break and Non sits down with guest Josh to discuss Childlike Wonder! If you remember folks, Josh is a childhood friend of Non's and he sat previously on the show for Episode 8: Childhood Stories. Our Childlike Wonder discussion jumps into the curiosity of children, the importance of asking questions, and how we, as old farts, try to maintain that joyful childlike wonder! Plus, as an added bonus, we play clips of actual real-life children (that's right!) talking about what they love about being a kid. Hope you enjoy the show! Thank you so very much for listening!

And, as always, embrace your joy!