Eliezer Tristan Publishing — Borne Out Of Loss & Supporting Stories of Resilience and Vulnerability

I love words. I love books. And I love people who are actively engaged in embracing empathy, normalizing conversation around mental illness, and creating safe spaces for others to share their stories.

Sarah Fader is one of these people. And Sarah also loves books and words, which is part of the reason Eliezer Tristan Publishing was created! The other reason is much more personal.

Read my full interview with Sarah Fader below, and be sure to check out Eliezer Tristan Publishing. We need to support others who are, like us, leading first with our hearts. 💜

An Interview with Sara Fader, CEO and Founder of Stigma Fighters, and CEO of Eliezer Tristan Publishing

Q: Eliezer Tristan Publishing was borne out of personal loss. Loss can be such a transformative spark for creativity and beauty. Why do you suppose that is? And how does that speak to the mission and the type of writing Eliezer Tristan seeks?

A: When someone suffers a loss it changes the person. When I lost Eliezer, a part of me changed. It's hard to articulate what that shift was and I'm still processing it. Even though he passed on, I know that he will always be with me and he lives on in the creative company that I created. As human beings, we are constantly growing and evolving. We shed our skin and change into (hopefully) better versions of ourselves. We are resilient, and we are brave. People have been through horrific circumstances and come out stronger. We publish stories from people who are brave, resilient and demonstrate the ability to survive despite life's sucker punches.

Q: How does empathy play a role in Eliezer Tristan Publishing—from your start to the books you publish to the messages you want to see more of?

A: I am the CEO and founder of the mental health nonprofit Stigma Fighters. We have been featured on the front page of the Washington Post.

I'm dedicated to handing a microphone to people who have been silenced by our culture, some of whom are people living with mental illness. When you live with mental illness, as I do, you are bound to feel more empathetic to other human beings. I am passionate about empathy and making sure it's a core value in my life and in my company. We want to honor the stories of others who have been through trauma and give them the opportunity to share what they've been through. 

Q: I love words. Words matter to me deeply. Why do words matter to you, and to Eliezer Tristan?

A: I (like you) love words. Words have the potential to help or hurt, love or destroy, heal or fester and create their own reality based upon letters strung together. Words are more than imprints on a page, they are emotions, stories, feelings and the passion that comes with them. We want to showcase the way that words work for diverse individuals. What love means to you means something different to me and we need to discuss those differences. At Eliezer Tristan our goal is to support writers in sharing their words with the world. We want them to tell their story, and it could be the first time they're sharing it. They might feel vulnerable but we're here to support their voices.


Q: Who's your audience? And what do you want readers of Eliezer Tristan books to take away?

A: Our audience differs from book to book, author to author. We want people to connect to the stories that resonate with them. Maybe someone is interested in reading about a near-death experience or perhaps they're more intrigued by the journey of an individual living with bipolar disorder. You (the reader) will decide what books you connect with.

Q: What books are you reading currently (or recently)?

A: I'm currently reading the first book published by Eliezer Tristan, which is a poetry anthology by Norb Aikin entitled 100.

Thanks to Sarah for sharing with me!

A Little More on Eliezer Tristan Publishing

Eliezer Tristan Publishing is an indie publishing house that values writers’ words. The origin of the name is based on the renowned author and survivor, Eli Wiesel along with Sarah Fader’s unexpected loss of a third baby. She planned on naming her baby Eliezer, but instead, she gave birth to Eliezer Tristan Publishing, a space where writers can share their stories of resilience, truth, and humor. Sarah F. identifies as Jewish and even in the face of tragic events, Jews are notorious for employing humor as a coping mechanism.

Editor in Chief, Sarah Comerford chose Tristan after a name her mother loved. Sarah C’s mother passed away and this is a way to honor her life. Sarah C.’s goal is to give a voice to the silenced. She is passionate about revealing stories of people who haven’t had a chance to tell them. She is an exceptionally talented writer, editor, and a remarkable listener, which makes her an excellent conduit to communicate which stories are asking to come out of the dark and into the light.

To learn more and buy their books, head on over to EliezerPublishing.org.