Talking Eating Disorders and Trauma on The Broken Brain

I was honored to sit down with Dwight Hurst of The Broken Brain podcast to discuss my experience and struggle with trauma, an eating disorder, and depression.

Listen to my chat with Dwight here.

Lately, I've been writing more about these experiences, the early traumas, how they've shaped me. I think it's important to talk about the struggles—for my own therapy, and for the mental health of those who may have experienced the same, or who are currently going through a similar experience. 

Don't be ashamed of your struggles. They are integral to who you are as a human. Our humanity, after all, is all we have. 

Thanks for listening.

Update: I am going to be creating a mental health podcast! Stay tuned for more on that. Meanwhile, you can listen to my initial thoughts on the idea with my friend Josh.


Photo (left to right): Kyle and me, 2002, Paris, France