Easter as An Atheist

Growing up in a Christian home, Easter had been of importance. There were egg hunts in fields, hollow chocolate bunny rabbits, and a herculean zombie Jesus dying and then, three days later, rising from the dead. 

Easter has taken on a different role for me as a grown human and now atheist. It's no longer about these stories I never quite understood about a man, son of a god, resurrected. 

To me, it is a day.

It is another day.

And, with that day, another opportunity to live as I strive to live—with joy in my heart, with love for my fellow human, with empathy and kindness and an adventurous fervor cognizant of my invariable perishing.

And, perhaps most important of all, to watch puppies in bunny ears.

Whatever this day is to you, I hope it's a joyful one.