Book Giveaway: 100 Days of Discussion by Jennifer E. Snyder

My friend Jennifer E. Snyder wrote a book, and I am so grateful for that. The book, titled 100 Days of Discussion, is amazing for many reasons, including:

  1. It encourages us humans to be curious. Curiosity is how we learn. It's how we grow. It's how we adapt. It's how we become more empathetic to the people around us. And curiosity even brings us joy.
  2. It's a book about asking questions. If I ever become a parent, as much as it may annoy me to hear "why?" one billion times in succession, I won't ever discourage anyone who has questions. How are we to know about (insert all the things) unless we ask? It removes the chance for making assumptions. That's a humbling thing.
  3. It focuses on communication. Again, like being curious and asking questions, communication is the only way we can grow and understand and empathize and learn from each other. Even those closest to us. 
  4. It reminds us to engage wholeheartedly and intently. We have one life. And in this life, I say, it is best to be bold in how we engage with the world. Take a stand. Make choices. Fight for what you believe in. I think 100 Days of Discussion is a great reminder for us to engage on a level that's honest to who we are.

100 Days of Discussion Free Book Giveaway!

For my podcast, Joy Sandwich, we're giving away a free copy of 100 Days of Discussion! Jennifer, the author, will be a guest on Joy Sandwich this coming Monday, so we thought we'd support her and share this amazing book with you folks! 

To Enter to Win a Free Copy of 100 Days of Discussion:

  1. Leave a joyful rating and review for the Joy Sandwich podcast in iTunes!
  2. Take a screenshot of that review and share it with us on Twitter @joysandwich!
  3. In two weeks, we'll pick a winner randomly and send you a free copy of 100 Days of Discussion by Jennifer E. Snyder

That's it. Easy-peasy. If you don't win the book, think of it as a way to support independent creatives and cool humans like Jennifer. 

Good luck!