I Run To . . .

I run to forget.

I run to escape.

I run to process the anxiety.

I run for the off-chance I'll see an elf perched in a tree.

I run to combat the depression, a shot of endorphins to overwhelm the dark.

I run for the solace, away from the manufactured stimuli and artifice and societal pressure.

I run to listen to the footsteps on the earth, auditory proof that I am still here.

I run to imagine adventuring with hobbits and trolls and magical sprites. 

I run for the physical feedback—the stab of my hip, the throb of my back—to remind me that I am human.

I run to be humbled by the magnificence of the pale blue dot, the insignificance of my self, an organism of random happenstance.

I run to immerse myself in beauty, in awe.

I run to live.


On Joy Sandwich, I chatted with author and runner Andrew Smith on the joy of running.

Joy Sandwich - Episode 086: Learning New Things with Mignon Fogarty

On Episode 86 of the Joy Sandwich podcast, we welcome Mignon Fogarty of Grammar Girl to the show to embrace the Joy of Learning New Things!

Mignon shares how she first first discovered the joy of learning new things in both her personal life and her work life, we all explore how learning new things and overcoming fear can make us better humans, and Mignon dives into her life trajectory in science and coding, working in Silicon Valley, creating Grammar Girl, and becoming, as we at Joy Sandwich like to say, an “internet hero.”

Thanks to Mignon for being an amazing guest!

And as always, embrace your joy!

Joy Sandwich - Episode 085: Space with Aubrey Henretty

On Episode 85 of the Joy Sandwich podcast, we take an interstellar journey with our friend Aubrey Henretty for the Joy of Space

We chat with Aubrey about gravitational waves, the work she does at the Adler Planetarium, our favorite space stories and representations in film, the largest misconceptions about space, aliens, SpaceX, and the moment she first discovered her SPACE JOY!

Thanks to Aubrey for sharing her joy! Thanks to you, joy monger, for tuning in! And as always, embrace your joy!

Joy Sandwich - Episode 081: Running with Andrew Smith

On Episode 81 of the Joy Sandwich podcast, we invite author Andrew Smith on the show to discuss the Joy of Running! We explore how running impacts our creativity, the sweet combo of writing and running, how running is a perfect metaphor for life, Andrew’s favorite running stories, and running tips for those who are just starting out!

Oh, and guess what?! Edgar Wright is adapting Andrew’s book, Grasshopper Jungle!

Thanks to Andrew for guesting on Joy Sandwich, and for you, joy mongers, for listening! If you have a moment, please head on over to iTunes to leave us a joyful rating and review! And be sure to check us out on Patreon to get cool rewards (pins, stickers, guest spots, oh my!).

And as always, embrace your joy!

Joy Sandwich - Episode 069: New Zealand

We’re back, joy mongers! On Episode 69 of the Joy Sandwich podcast, we talk about what’s most fresh on our mind: the JOY OF NEW ZEALAND! We talk the joy of the entire country of New Zealand, and give you some New Zealand travel tips, New Zealand adventures you need to go on, and New Zealand B&Bs you should visit!

We had such a joy while traveling in New Zealand (yes, including Hobbiton!), and wanted to share that joy, in detail, with you!

Thanks so much for listening! And as always, embrace your joy!

Joy Sandwich - Episode 034: Camping

On Episode 34 of the Joy Sandwich Podcast, Jessica and Non take a solo trek to the Sequoia National Forest for real-life fruit ninja, flips off of large rocks, and Sasquatch hunting! Oh, and tents will be pitched! That's right: it's an episode on the joy of camping! We discuss our recent camping adventure in the middle of nowhere, plus some of our favorite camping tips and tricks! You can follow the show on Twitter @JoySandwich and on Facebook at Thank you so very much for listening, joy mongers! We love ya!