Why National Grammar Day is All About Love

It's National Grammar Day. I don't mention this because I'm standing by awaiting your grammatical foibles with the intensity and fervor of a rabid beast eager to destroy unless you clearly and undeniably establish that you are grammatically perfect in every possible way.

I mention this because I have a fondness for grammar. I have a fondness for the language and the words of which grammar is precisely and eloquently interconnected. I also have a fondness for people who love things and consequently express this love by exploring and discovering everything there is to know about that thing.

It's why I love National Grammar Day. The love expressed for grammar is intense, palpable, genuine, wholehearted. It's encouraging. It's joyful. It's contagious.

And it's necessary. But not necessarily because it's directed toward grammar.

It's necessary because it's representative of the type of love that inspires consistent learning and understanding and discovering and engagement and community. This is the type of love that moves mountains, people. We should all want more mountain movers in our midst.

We should all want more of this love.

Thanks for the reminder, National Grammar Day.


p.s. here are some splendid Grammar Day haikus.

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