Embrace Your Joy With The Joy Sandwich Podcast

You may have seen or heard, in varying degrees of zealousness and hopefully not overly annoying giddy clamor, my wife and I started a podcast!

It brings us joy. We hope it brings you some joy too. Also, we prefer it with pickles and yellow mustard.



Here's a description of the show on our network's website, the NerdQuest Podcast Network:

A bi-weekly podcast filled with all the things that make us think, wonder, question, smile, laugh, and kick up our legs in that feel good, ebullient, goofball sort of way.

See? Joyful things. Science and reading and technology and movies and the occasional but consistently present poop-themed joke. Also, as it's a husband/wife production, there's that added dimension of silly "I'm comfortable enough with you to talk about anything and everything and oh my god why the hell did you bring that up it's just a sore" banter.

It's a quick listen too. You can listen on your commute, in your car or on the train or on your brontosaurus.

If you laugh, wonderful. That's what we want. Tell us if you do. If you don't laugh, that's okay too. Just don't tell us. We can't take that kind of pressure.

But we also want you to fruitfully glean from the show. Perhaps you want to learn about essential apps for your phone. Perhaps you are a horse owner (like we are!) and you're curious about the similarities between Amazonian anacondas and Percheron drafts. Perhaps you want to delve into nostalgia with your favorite childhood books! Perhaps you are burdened with bookwormism and simply can't figure out what to read next. Perhaps you want to find inspiration for a new invention!

I think the point I'm trying to make is that there is probably something for most people. Not all. But most. So if you discover a bit of joy you wouldn't have otherwise found, we're happy.

Embrace your joy!

Jessica + Non

p.s. If you are interested in being a guest on the show, tweet us @NerdQuestHQ. If you have any ideas for subject matter, also let us know! We're happy to collaborate on fun ideas for future episodes. Thanks!

p.p.s. The logo for the show was illustrated by the wonderfully talented Grant Snider of Incidental Comics.com. Please go consume his art. It's worthy of your eyeballs.

Joy-SandwichLogo copy2.png