What Health Means to a Freelance Writer

I don't care much for gym-going. I don't like lifting weights. I couldn't care less about achievements in fitness. But I do care about my health in a general sense.

I say general sense because I think our society places too much emphasis on it all. It has become, to many, everything. That I don't want. That is unhealthy, imbalanced, and pretty miserable sounding. So, with that said, I thought I'd give you a sense of how health affects my life.

What Health Means for a Creative/Nerd/Writer Like Me

It's really quite simple. I believe I have one life to live. There is nothing more. The first part of that is living for as long as I can. The second part of that is living healthy for as long as I can. For me, health is about taking the steps to ensure that I have the mental, emotional, and physical strength to continue doing the things I love most, for as long as I can:

  • Writing: blogging; working on projects that inspire and challenge me to become a better writer; scribbled observations on tiny pieces of paper; jokes on Twitter that make me laugh and inspire others to either roll their eyes or block my account
  • Jumping: into puddles after long rains; over nephews pretending to be turtles; practicing ninja kicks with my goofy, pole bean of a wife
  • Expressing: joyful bear hugs; smiling at strangers; skipping when I don't care to walk; singing when I don't care to talk
  • Imagining: I am on an important NASA mission to help pass the time while I sit in Southern California traffic; my hands are not hands at all but laser guns; what I would talk about with Mark Twain if he asked me over for lemonade and sandwiches
  • Hiking: to discover and take in new scenery; to find peaceful moments in the sounds of chirping birds, wind rustling fallen leaves, our Labrador's ebullient panting
  • Learning: by reading articles on concepts that are way over my head, but gleaning just enough to inspire thought and research; by questioning everything; by not being scared to fail
  • Laughing: at everything
  • Reading: everything I can muster
  • Gleaning: as much as my brain can hold

To go on doing all of these things, I need to have a general understanding of health, and how health contributes to the things that I love. Happiness and joy and gleaning and learning and challenging and discovering. I find that if you focus on these things, you'll naturally gravitate toward a general sense and understanding of what health means for you. That's all that matters.

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I love to jump. 

I love to jump.