On Names, 'Willow' Edition: Madmartigan

I like the name Madmartigan. This relevation is nothing new for those that have spent more than ten minutes with me. So I suppose it's not a revelation at all; more than a redundancy. Willow, a film from which the name was pulled--those many years ago sitting in front of the tiny screen of a television that had the backend heft of a recently-fed rhinocerous--is a film I adore.

Source:   Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

The character is certainly a badass, but it's the name I love the most. Doesn't it just make you want to take up sword and slay a dragon? Doesn't it make you want to embark on an adventure? Even without the Willow context, the name is magical. Magical, I say!

I would love to bestow our first kid with the name Madmartigan. Girl or boy, doesn't matter. But, as it has been discussed more times than I can count, this is not going to happen. Jessica doesn't want to destroy the childhood of our first-born by giving them a name...wait, what am I saying? By giving them a name that is...awesome? Yes. Exactly right.

I joke. I sincerely would love to have a kid named Madmartigan, but I also like to think I can be somewhat rational and not wholly powered by my nerd love of the film. I can, okay? And we won't name our kid Madmartigan.

But we did come to a sane compromise. Rather than name our first-born Madmartigan, we name our first-born (only if it's a girl) Mattie, with a middle name of Martigan. Swell, huh?

Sweet little Mattie "The Sword-Wielding Destroyer" Martigan Wels/Dobson. Sure, it's a long name, but it's goddamn worth it.

What is a name that inspires adventurous pursuits in you? What are your favorite fantasy/sci-fi names? Please do tell. I love names.

p.s. Mom, if you're reading this, don't get too excited. Jessica isn't pregnant. But don't you fret. It'll happen soon enough.