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As most in my Twitter feed know, I was recently a guest on a new podcast. The podcast is called Nerds For Hire and it was created by my internet (but not in an online dating, "sexy time" way) friends, Mindy and Matt. Nerds For Hire is part of the new NerdQuest podcast network, along with Designer vs Developer, The MuppetCast, and NerdKicks.

In addition to being a guest on the first episode, I was asked to be a co-host for the foreseeable future. That is, until I annoy the audience with tangential anecdotes about the nuances of equine poop. Until then, I aim to give it my all. I am so grateful for this and excited to be part of the nerdy, freelance-y fun. I've always wanted to do this. Mindy and Matt have given me that chance. Thanks, buds.

As for the podcast, if you like nerdy things or you're a freelancer of any kind, you'll enjoy Nerds For Hire. Listen to the first one today! If you like it, please rate it and give it a swell review in iTunes. If you don't like it, GO AWAY. No, I kid. Please let me know about that too. :)

Also, if you like what's going on with Nerds For Hire, be sure to take a gander at the other podcasts in the NerdQuest network: Designer vs Developer, The MuppetCast, and NerdKicks.

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 Image design by  Matt Gartland .

Image design by Matt Gartland.