To Be Thankful

Be thankful. Be accepting of those with views that differ from yours. Be understanding. Be open to change. Be wide-minded. Be a force for positivity. Be willing to learn. Be better at giving back. Be gracious. Be joyful. Be ready for whimsy. Be fearless.

Be a puddle-jumper. Be a questioner. Be a challenger. Be a wanderer. Be a tree climber. Be someone that can say no. Be someone that can say yes.

Be okay with failure. Be okay with the quiet. Be okay with the darkness.

Be patient with dogs that track mud mallets into the house after a long rain. Be warm-hearted with the horses that just need an ear scratch and don't really want to stomp on you.

Be happy you have two legs you can at least race walk with.

Be calm of mind in the moments in which the anxiety latches onto mom's cyclopic disposition and the tumor that sits unflinchingly, waiting for its moment to spread to her liver. Be calm of heart in the moments that allow the negative constructs of my imagination to take me to that place, and allow them to remind you that she is Calamity Jane meets Hawkgirl meets Cyclops.

Be overwhelmingly kind to a wife that unabashedly deserves it. Be smitten with her goofy antics, voracious mind, and freckled beauty.

Be, quite simply, thankful.

And also be like Mike.

Happy Thanksgiving*, friends. May it be replete with joy, love, playfully muddied pets, turducken, water gun fights, and not-from-the-can cranberries.


*I'm early I realize, but I'm going up to see Calamity Jane/Hawkgirl/Cylcops and I won't have access to the blog :D

Thanksgiving Turkey  (Image courtesy of  KurtClark )

Thanksgiving Turkey (Image courtesy of KurtClark)