It Goes Without Saying That It Goes Without Saying

I find it cathartic and fun to express annoyance toward certain language interpretations. Even if the annoyance is silly and hyperbolic and present only to highlight my labyrinthine love affair with our varied and disparate word constructs. But here I am, taking jabs at some idiom.

"It goes without saying."

It's a strange idiom I find both presumptuous and illogical. On the former front, don't presume it goes without saying. Much of the time, in my experience, this "it" is somewhat of a societal construct or presumed "proper" mode of living. No, sir. I refuse to abide. I will wear shorts at my own gosh darn wedding, thank you.

As for the latter, it's illogical in the context that I hear it most: "it goes without saying, but. . .". But! But! Why would you say it if it goes without saying? Do you like to hear yourself speak? Are you showing me that you have a certain knowledge that I may not be privy to?

Stuff it, old man.

Okay, you may not be old, hypothetical man. But you are damn annoying.

But I love you.

Genuinely, Non ("known")


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Yep. That's me in shorts next to my beautiful critter bug.

Yep. That's me in shorts next to my beautiful critter bug.