On Raising Word Geeks

I read this great post today over at the Geek Mom Blog: "How to Raise Word Geeks." The author, Laura Grace Weldon, goes into these wonderful word games you can play with your kids. This delights me. Actually, delight is not the right word for it. Let's say it gives me an overwhelming feeling of felicity.

This is how I want to raise my kids. Mom, I don't have kids. And they aren't on their way yet, but they will be. Some day. I promise. Okay? Okay.

But, yes. This is how I want to do it. To raise a gaggle of word lovers. To get them excited about words, their etymologies and the delightful ways in which they pair with one another.

Here are a few ways to accomplish this, according to the post:

  • So leave a (newer, sturdier) dictionary out in your house. Let your kids see you use it regularly. Help them use it and display interest as you do.
  • Play some word games when boredom hits. Our newest? Pick three words at random and challenge your kids to make up a story or song or nonsense rhyme on the spot using those words. Yes, your turn is next using three words they pick.
  • Tsk tsk a little when they look up “bad” words (otherwise it’s no fun for them).
  • Act as if it’s completely normal when your nine-year-old describes a problem as a predicament, impasse, paradox, or quandary.

More of this, please. Thank you, Geek Mom Laura. You inspire.

 The Super Dictionary (CC by 2.0, Joelk75's flickr stream)

The Super Dictionary (CC by 2.0, Joelk75's flickr stream)