You, Me, Empathy Resources

This is a list of all the tools, apps, books, music, podcasts, and resources that I or my guests have mentioned on my podcast: You, Me, Empathy. Some are projects You, Me, Empathy guests are a part of, some are books they've written, some are podcasts they host, and all are beacons of hope that can help us more emphatically and wholeheartedly embrace empathy, foster mental health awareness, focus on self care, and remind ourselves that we are valid feely humans.


You know those emotions that are just so hard to describe and explain to a friend or your therapist? These are what Rukmini Poddar, creator of Dear Ruksi and guest on Episode 19 of You, Me, Empathy, calls "obscure emotions." Send your emotions in, and Dear Ruksi transforms them into art!

the mental illness happy hour with paul gilmartin

Paul Gilmartin is one of my empathy heroes. The Mental Illness Happy Hour, a podcast he's been running for years, is a magical exploration of mental illness in an environment that is warm and cuddly and with the right amount of Gilmartin snark. I had the honor to have Paul on Episode 12 of You, Me, Empathy exploring intimacy and boundaries!


Stop, Breathe & think

Stop, Breathe & Think is an app that empowers you to take a moment amidst the chaos to check in with yourself and your emotions. We all need that. Especially us feely humans. As mentioned on Episode 10 of You, Me, Empathy with Jordana Reim.

sarah jickling and her good bad luck

Sarah Jickling, guest of Episode 15 of You, Me, Empathy on bipolar disorder, is an amazing singer-songwriter that evokes some of my favorites like Regina Spektor and Fiona Apple. But she's entirely her own—remarkably so—in her exploration of her own mental illness within her music and those catchy pop beats that make your heart swell.

THE TRIck is to keep breathing by Janice galloway

Janice Galloway's book, The Trick Is To Keep Breathing, is a powerful, heartbreaking depiction of psychological struggle. I read this during the throws of my anorexia, and I deeply related to the main character. As mentioned in Episode 15 of You, Me, Empathy with Sarah Jickling.

hyperbole and a half

Allie Brosh, the creator of Hyperbole and a Half, isn't online anymore. And she hasn't created any new blog posts since 2013, but her work is an essential mental health resource. She explores, often in the most hilarious ways, anxiety, depression, isolation, self-esteem, and what it means to be a fallible human just trying to get by. Once you're done reading every single blog post, go pick up her book.