Guest Spots

Here are my guest appearances on other blogs and podcasts. I’m grateful to the feely humans who allow me to speak with my feely heart and spread empathy and foster mental health awareness!


#MindfulSocial with Janet Fouts

Janet Fouts is a FOUTSain of knowledge in social media, mindfulness, and, as she shared on Episode 43 of You, Me, Empathy, caring for yourself while caring for others. I loved chatting with Janet on her podcast, #MindfulSocial. We explored boundaries, self-care, the Enneagram, and much more.



No restraints with Rudy Caseres

I drove up to Rudy’s place in San Pedro to sit down for a Facebook Live chat on my eating disorder, the empathy we need to change the world, and of course doggos.

How am I feeling?

Julia, of How Am I Feeling? (, interviewed me about the origins of You, Me, Empathy, the cultural norms about men and vulnerability, and my advice for dudes who are struggling to open up about their mental health struggles.



Voices for change 2.0 with beka & joe

Rebecca and Joe are beautiful feely humans who interviewed me on their show, Voices for Change 2.0. We talked about the moment my mental health journey started, how mediating my parents’ marriage challenged me, suicidal ideation, self-harm, and giving people the dignity of their own experiences.