hi, it's me



My name, Non, is pronounced like known. It's an odd name, certainly. But don't let that deter you. Odd names are usually an indication of some semblance of prowess. I mean, my ability to perform handstands is really quite unparalleled.

Truth is, I am simply a guy who loves words and books and, yes, I'm the old man who has a penchant for black licorice.

I love to create and consume stories. I love to pore over lengthy, arduous texts to unearth hidden foibles. I love to transform a bit of promising copy into a joyous bit of relevant, awe-inspiring word melange. 

I yearn to create content that will inspire giddy dances and cartwheels atop fuzzy green grasses.

If you're looking for some help with your words, I'm your guy.

If you have a unique joy you'd like to talk about with me, consider being a guest on the Joy Sandwich Podcast. To embrace joy is to live. I think Shakespeare said that. 

Meanwhile, you can find me on Twitter @subjectplusverb probably tweeting about dogs, my never-ending reading pile, and post-therapy musings that may or may not make you feel uncomfortable.